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Profile: Arshak Makichyan, 25, Russia

“We fight for our future and we fight for our present. It’s not two crises, it’s one big crisis, and the main cause is indifference to others.”

Profile: Vanessa Nakate, 23, Uganda

“For us in Africa, it is not Fridays For Future, it is Fridays for Now. The climate crisis is already here.”

Art for a Just Recovery

The world has witnessed the power of art in difficult times. Creative expression can not only help us cope with

Locked down? Try organizing

The COVID-19 crisis is gripping the world.  People are losing loved ones, and the economic strain is rippling through communities,

The climate crisis is still here

As the global response to COVID-19 strengthens, we’re seeing countless acts of compassion, community solidarity, and resilience, even as the death toll grows. Yet there’ve been some stark reminders that the climate crisis doesn’t stop amid a global pandemic.

Moshi-Moshi: Phone calls to end coal

“Hello Hello.” Moshi Moshi. At 350 Japan, we’ve just wrapped up a new call-in campaign targeting our country’s three biggest