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We decide the ending to this story

20 year old climate justice activist and Juliana v United States plaintiff Vic Barrett reflects on how their identities inform their activism, and why it’s up to all of us to fight back against the climate crisis.

Keeping our heads above water

The IPCC oceans and ice report spells out just how disastrous the impacts of climate disruption will be on our oceans unless fossil fuels stay in the ground. As the science becomes even more urgent, the climate movement must follow.

Europe on strike for climate justice

In Europe, the Global Climate Strike brought over 4 million people, in 38 countries, to the streets. We followed the youth strikers’ call to action, angry, defiant, but also hopeful. It was beautiful. And it’s a new beginning.

Our work isn’t finished

This is what 4 million people demanding bold climate action looks like.

When 4 million people rise up, There is no turning back: Use Your Power

September 20th-27th is a demonstration of intent from millions of people who are striking from work or school to say that they are ready. Ready to move on and make the changes we need for a world free from fossil fuels, and based in climate equity and justice.