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Ending the age of fossil fuels in Asia

Multigenerational action against the climate breakdown is imperative and we need to follow alongside the youth who have been leading the way this year.

A climate strike Q&A from Indonesia

Cimbyo Ketaren is a Muslim climate activist organizing for the Climate Strike in Indonesia. Ahead of the local strike event he’s organizing in Bengkulu, he answered questions on what’s planned and what his faith has to do with climate organizing.

Matagi Mālohi

There are many different ways we can show solidarity to the youth-led climate strikes, Matagi Mālohi is just one of the powerful ways we can lift and highlight vulnerable nations’ leadership in the face of the climate breakdown.

Why adults must strike with youth

Young people like me have been taking action to protect our climate for years. But we can’t do it alone — it’s up to all of us to hold fossil fuel billionaires and the politicians covering for them accountable for burning our planet.

By, Jamie Margolin – co-founder of Zero Hour

Leaving fear behind

As fires rage in the Amazon, these people are offering a vision for a new course. It starts with the global climate strike.

350 U.S. Climate Walkout: Mobilizing Workers and Unions

Young climate strikers are calling on everyone: parents, workers, and all concerned people to join massive climate strikes and a week of climate justice actions from September 20-27. People all over the world will use their power to stop “business as usual,” because the climate crisis is an emergency.