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The US Climate Strike Demands

People around the world are striking for bold climate action. In the US, youth organizers from Earth Guardians, Earth Uprising, Extinction Rebellion Youth US, Fridays For Future, International Indigenous Youth Council, Sunrise, US Youth Climate Strike, and Zero Hour have created the following list of consensus-based demands.

Strikes, Summit and Science: Online Press Conference

With 1 week to go to the Global Climate Strikes and the UN Climate Summit, join Bill Mckibben, Harjeet Singh ActionAid, Dr. Doreen Stabinsky scientist, U.S. youth climate striker Jerome Foster, and other young strikers from across the globe for an online press conference. They will be giving their views on strategies to overcome the climate breakdown, and answering questions.

“This is why we strike in Nepal”

Despite the risks here in the Third Pole, they’re still exploring for fossil fuels. So we have to organize for the global Climate Strike

Why I Strike Europe

A collection of videos submitted by people from all over Europe, explaining why they are joining the Global Climate Strike.

Ending the age of fossil fuels in Asia

Multigenerational action against the climate breakdown is imperative and we need to follow alongside the youth who have been leading the way this year.

A climate strike Q&A from Indonesia

Cimbyo Ketaren is a Muslim climate activist organizing for the Climate Strike in Indonesia. Ahead of the local strike event he’s organizing in Bengkulu, he answered questions on what’s planned and what his faith has to do with climate organizing.