Little did we know,

that the whole world would return to home.

not to only seek for a safe haven,

but to stay there for 24/7.

what once we thought was normal,

suddenly became impossible.

what we once took for granted,

became something we wish we had.

and just like a bird in a cage,

that is meant to fly at the first place,

we are instead unfree and unease.

some streets are now dead empty,

some others are filled with those who are angry.

and some people are also less lucky,

unlike those with a roof on their heads and a loving family.


but every cloud has a silver lining.

in this case, it’s about the planet that we’re living in.

our earth needs balancing, nature hasn’t been breathing,

sine it’s been disturbed by human beings.

now there’s less pollution and less carbon emissions.

environmental problems became more prominent and apparent.

if there’s something we can learn from this crisis,

it’s this:


we could be impactful

in a way that we could harm others and harm the earth by what we do,

and in a way that we could make changes that are good.

we learned in physics that impact is a high force,

resulting from collided bodies, whose energy turns into work

(correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not really good at science).

but here’s the point:

both literally and metaphorically,

we should be impactful to fix our reality.

work hand in hand,

for working together will bring us further.

reflect upon what’s happening,

and thus we shall recover.



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