People from around the world are attending Climate Strike 1-hour online trainings to share insights on escalated action with fellow climate strikers. 

Register for a Training

Don’t worry if you missed the first training, we’re running a series of webinars every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, right up until the week of the climate strikes in September. Find the full schedule here. Topics we’ll cover are:

    • Escalation. In this session, we’ll discuss together how disrupting business as usual and tactics such as climate strikes can help shift what’s possible in tackling the climate crisis
    • Goals and Strategy. What do we want? Climate justice. When do we want it? Now!”  In this session, we’ll discuss the role of clear targets and demands and how these can help your national or local movement create more people power.
    • Going Big. This session will cover a range of practical recruitment skills and outreach tactics to help you build a huge upswell of people power where you are.

Count Me In

These webinars serve as a platform for you to share stories and harvest learnings, and to help ensure the success of your climate strike event.

The youth uprising is backed by millions worldwide who refuse to sit by while governments and the big polluters continue business as usual, all while the world faces extreme heat waves, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires.

So make your climate strike event count – join our interactive trainings and together let’s brush up our organising skills! It’ll be a meaningful learning experience for you and will help you design an inspiring climate strike event with lasting impact.