Art is a powerful way that you can make yourself heard and your stories clear. Getting creative helps get your message across to the public and media. Making art together with your group is a fun way to build community and get new people involved.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your Climate Strike this Arts Kit is full ideas and tools:

  • Poster & stencil designs to use right now
  • Art-making how-to guides to create your own beautiful visuals
  • Top tips on getting a great photo
  • Climate protest song books and music tips
  • Creating bold street murals
Picture of House on fire graphis Image of fire fighter stencil
Some posters and stencils in the Climate Strike Art Kit

Whether you’re painting street murals or singing unifying songs – bringing visual arts, performance and music into the heart of your action will help leave a lasting impression.

This Climate Strike Arts Kit will help you to win the change we need to protect our communities and our planet.

People gonna rise like the water

Gonna calm this crisis down

I hear the voice of my great granddaughter

Singing keep it in the ground

Song from Art Kit: The Voice of my Great Granddaughter