1. We’re going to make sure you’re ready

You already possess all you need to make the Global Climate Strikes monumental. The Climate Strike online trainings are an opportunity to share and hone these skills to make sure we can disrupt business as usual, create great strategies and go big with our people power!


Over the next week, these online trainings will be available to anyone who wants to skill-up with climate strikers around the world. Find one here.


2. Artivism

We know this September is going to be bold and beautiful. This Youth Artivism Workshop in Cape Town saw young people from across several communities creating art and learning more about the fight for climate justice. 

Have you started planning your murals and banners for September? For more great art resources, check out this Global Climate Strike Art Kit.


3. Young strikers are leading by example

Last week, Kalo Afeaki of the Pacific Climate Warriors gave an oral submission in front of a Select Committee in Parliament for the Zero Carbon Bill in Wellington, New Zealand. Young people are making their voices heard, and the world will have to listen.


In September, the Pacific Climate Warriors will move with ‘Matagi Malohi’, a metaphor for the ‘strong winds’ that are shifting how the Pacific region works in a climate movement that affects their cultures, islands and their future.


4. Strikers know what they want

Youth organizers in the U.S announced their demands for the Global Climate Strikes, a set of bold demands and innovative solutions.


“We know what we’re asking for goes beyond the scope of what’s been achieved so far, but that’s precisely why we’re demanding it.” – Katie Eder, 19, Executive Director of Future Coalition


5. We’re supported by unions

Many of the students who sparked the climate strikes around the world point to taking inspiration from workers and the labor movement. Just this week the International Trade Unions Congress, with 200 million members, endorsed the Global Climate Strike. Amazon workers at the company’s HQ in Seattle are walking out in their first strike in 25 years! Recently the South African Federation of Trade Unions, along with many other unions and workers groups worldwide have expressed support for the September Global Climate Strikes. Together, we can build an economy that puts the climate and workers first. And create millions of good-paying, green jobs in the process.


Countries like Australia have also gathered huge support from a number of unions in organising their members to attend and also standing in solidarity with strikers. See the full list here.


6. Even companies know it’s not business as usual

A number of major business have decided put an end to ‘business as usual‘. Ahead of the September 20th Climate Strikes and the week of action from September 24th to 28th, major businesses including Ben & Jerry’s, Lush Cosmetics, Seventh Generation and Patagonia will join the Global Climate Strikes.


7. Biggest. Climate. Mobilisation. EVER.

Right now there are over 2500 strikes planned in 117 countries. There are over 600 strikes planned in the U.S, covering every single state. People of all ages will be striking for climate justice across all continents, in a multitude of ways and languages.


If these reasons aren’t enough to get you pumped for September, then hopefully this meme will remind you that what we’re up against is big, but what we are capable of together is much, much bigger. Go forth, brave climate strikers – a week of legendary climate action awaits.

Use Your Power: Climate Strike with us 20 – 27 September