4 million people took to the streets on Friday 20 September in an undeniable wave of people power calling for climate action and climate justice.

But the fossil fuel industry is relentless. On Monday, fossil fuel CEOs held an exclusive greenwashing event on the sidelines of the UN’s climate summit in New York City.

Many of the companies represented at this meeting are still building new fossil fuel infrastructure around the world right now. 

Across the globe, 350.org and partners are working with frontline communities and grassroots organisations to resist fossil fuel infrastructure – infrastructure that makes staying below 1.5 degrees impossible.

We must stop the expansion of the fossil fuel industry immediately. Not a single new mine can be dug. Not another pipeline built. Not one more carbon-emitting power plant fired up.

Right now, communities across the globe are resisting in these iconic fights: 

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The massive global climate strikes have shown that the world that we are prepared to take action and the dirty fossil fuel party is over. Now governments need to follow through to act at the source of the flames that are engulfing our planet and phase out coal, oil, and gas production.

The climate strikes continue this week. Make sure government leaders and fossil fuel CEOs can’t ignore our demands any longer — find a strike near you now through 27 September on globalclimatestrike.net

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