A couple of weeks ago, inspired by the Guardian’s unprecedented promise to drop fossil fuel advertising, we reached out to Reuters, to ask that them to follow suit.

Reuters is one of the world’s largest media companies. If they decided to publicly end their relationship with coal, oil and gas companies, it could be huge. It would help us in the climate movement chip away at the fossil industry’s social licence to operate. It would make fossil fuel ads much less attractive to other publishers, too.

And that’s what we want – to make sure everyone knows how toxic the fossil industry really is.

Recently, Reuters have stepped up their climate crisis reporting of the climate crisis, and joined a coalition of leading media outlets prioritising covering climate issues. Now it’s time they went all the way, and dropped fossil fuel advertising.

It’s Valentine’s Day today and we’ve decided to take a chance and share some gentle relationship advice with Reuters. Yes, breaking up can be hard, and sometimes we might need a bit of extra encouragement from our friends to make the best decisions. 💕

So today, let’s show Reuters some love, and say: not all relationships are good! Time to break it off, and be free from the toxic influence of fossil fuels.

Please help this message go to their heart by sharing this cheesy Valentine’s day card on social media!