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Global youth climate strikes are back: Meet the strikers

On September 25th 2020, thousands of climate strikes will take place across the globe to demand urgent action to tackle the climate crisis. Hear from the young people that will be taking action both online and in the streets where COVID-19 regulations allow.

G20 Online Action and Arts Guide

What the future holds for us and our communities beyond COVID is deeply personal. We’re at a crossroads now — governments

Para um ambientalista, a luta pela vida é diária

Conheça Renata Padilha, ela faz parte do Fridays for Future no Rio Grande do Sul e representa a frente jovem ambiental na luta contra a mina de carvão na proximidade de Porto Alegre.

Quarantining with the trees

“The trees looked so sure of themselves. Deeply rooted, standing firmly. Leaves rustling on its wide branches. 20 stories tall and reaching up to the skies. As if telling me that I too was right where I was meant to be”


Ferez-vous le choix de fermer les yeux ou d’agir face à la catastrophe écologique ?
Ferez-vous le choix de pleurer en silence ou de vous insurger en exprimant votre rage face à l’injustice et à vos peurs les plus profondes ?