The Climate Strikes are back!

On 25th September, thousands of young people from around the world will be striking for our climate and our future.

Online, or on the streets, your participation in the 25 September strikes is crucial. Learn from Fridays for Future about how you can get involved. 

The floods in Bangladesh, the heatwaves in South Africa, and climate fires in the US are all telling us one thing: COVID-19 may have paused the world in its tracks, but the climate crisis continues unless fossil fuels are kept in the ground.

There is hope in our unity and the leadership of our brave young people. Last year, 7.6 MILLION people took to the streets telling world leaders that we’re not watching from the sidelines anymore.

This year, world leaders and big polluters hope we’ll stay silent. They want us to feel powerless and disconnected. They want us to go back to business as usual. But our youth’s non-stop actions show otherwise, reminding the world once again that we will not be prisoners of injustice.

Join in

2020 showed us that when we stand together, we are powerful. We will continue to stand together for Black lives, for our frontline workers, for our beautiful Earth, and we will stand together against greed and profit-hungry politicians and corporations.

This year, 2020 is when we stand together to say – our future is going to be bright because we won’t let things go back to business as usual.