Greta Thunberg and youth strikers have inspired the world. And people from all walks of life are responding.

Adults in all corners of the world have pledged to strike alongside school students in September. But we need more to heed the youth’s call for global solidarity to keep shaking our governments into serious action on the climate crisis.

You can help build an even louder drumbeat for September by inviting your friends for a week of actions. Check out this promotion pack to spread the word about climate strikes.

Parents, academics, bakers, trade unions, doctors, farmers, caretakers, celebrities, and teachers are among those organising for September 20-27. We can’t just leave it to young people to fix the mess that past generations have created.

Unions in Australia are building solidarity with the school strikers and are now gearing up with inspiring action plans to support the climate strikes in September.

Some pioneering companies and banks have declared themselves closed for business on September 20 so employees can join youth strikers in the streets.

The need for our collective action couldn’t be more urgent. Together, we must demand governments to stop acting in the interest of big business instead of that of our children.

Let’s get the word out far and wide.

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