Make your own Climate Strike Graphics

Resources, tools and guides to make graphics for the global climate strike.

Use these graphic resources if:

  • You want your project to match existing Global Climate Strike materials
  • It helps your work to look like part of an “official” brand
  • You feel like it

But feel free to make graphics in any style you want — the more unique creativity we can bring, the better. Make sure to check out the arts kit, too.


These are the main elements of the tone that this style aims to achieve.


Clear, simple, to-the-point. Looks like: Big, punchy headlines. Simple layouts. 


Reflect the seriousness of the situation we’re facing. Looks like: Mostly black-on-white text, avoiding anything too clever, cute or over-designed.


Determined, hopeful, and ready to take action. Looks like: Small pops of bright, full-saturation accent color.


Click the font name to edit it and test it out.

Titles + Headlines


Download Greve

Body Text

Katwijk Mono

Download Katwijk Mono

Secondary + Accent Text


Download Klima


Color Hex Code CMYK
White #FFFFFF 0,0,0,0
Black #231F20 70,67,64,74
Green #4EE58B 58,0,66,0
Yellow #FFE133 2,7,90,0


The frame/border that runs around the edge of a document that contains the phrase “Global Climate Strike” translated into multiple languages. Available in multiple dimensions and formats.


A solid green border containing the text "Global Climate Strike" in multiple languages
A thin green border containing the text "Global Climate Strike" in multiple languages
A transparent border containing the text "Global Climate Strike" in multiple languages

View all frame/border files


More versions of these logos, including vector, black-and-white, and video formats, are available here: All logo versions


Deutsch (German)
Globaler Klimastreik 20-27 Sept
Global Climate Strike 20-27 Sept
Espanol (Spanish)
Movilización Mundial por el Clima, 20-27 Sept
Francais (French)
Grève Mondiale pour le Climat 20-27 Sept
Bahasa (Indonesia)
Jeda Untuk Iklim 20-27 Sept
日本語 (Japanese)
グローバル気候マーチ 2019.9.20
Portugues (Portuguese)
Mobilizaçao Global pelo Clima 20-27 Set
Українська (Ukranian)


Templates for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Sample graphic for social media, including a photo and a quote.
Blank template for a Global Climate Strike event flyer
Sample square-format social media graphic. Text on top of a colorized background photo.

All Graphics, Templates, and Source Files