The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr 

The whole week of September 20-27 is an opportunity for us all to help bend that moral arc a little closer to climate justice. Millions of people worldwide are going to join the young school strikers for what will be the biggest global climate mobilisation ever.

I am Jenny, from the Philippines, and it’s my role with to make sure that Climate Strike organisers everywhere have what they need for this historic moment.

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Youth strikers called on people everywhere to join them in the streets starting September 20th to disrupt business as usualand you responded.

Already parents, bakers, unions, teachers, farmers, doctors and workers in over 5000 cities in 143 countries have pledged to organise climate strikes that day. People everywhere will join the youth for massive strikes. The climate crisis is an emergency. Can we count on you to help get the word out about the global climate strikes?

We’ve got lots more resources coming your way this month, but here are some promo ideas to get started with whether you’ve only got a minute or if you’ve got more time to help: 




The full promo pack contains everything you need to create your own materials including visuals, graphics, templates, fonts and colours and helpful suggestions.

Thank you for anything you can do to start getting the word out.