We’re officially two weeks away from what’ll be the world’s largest climate mobilization, EVER. Buzz is building, with a huge swell in media attention and the number of strikes being organized.

What started with young students striking from school has grown to encompass teachers, grandparents, entire companies and communities demanding an end to ‘business as usual’.

But we need your help to get even more people moving and fighting for climate justice in two weeks time. If you’re going to be at a Climate Strike event September 20-27, share a message on your social media letting your friends and family know that this is the place to be, and ask them to RSVP: globalclimatestrike.net/friends

We want you to come, and we also want you to make sure your friends and family join you at this historic moment. 

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few reasons why people are striking.

Rio Constantino, college student, Philippines 

“I’m striking because of my great-grandmother. Because of the gift she left for my future son. Because this is my life and I have a right to live it.”

Thea, 15, Fridays for Future school striker – Denmark

“Millions of us have been striking every Friday. Now we need everyone to join us. For my future, and for our future.”

Alhassan Sesay, organizer – Sierra Leone

“Climate change is real and it’s affecting us now. Let’s take action for a better world.”




Christopher Lam, Pacific Climate Warrior – Papua New Guinea

“We want our young to grow up in an environment that’s safe and secure and leads us to a brighter future”




Christine, 48, Parent – Turin, Italy

“The future is the future of our kids. The main responsibility is ours – we have to be at their side.”


Remember — past climate mobilizations, like this one, have grown from the grassroots. That means our interpersonal networks are hugely important.

We have to activate them. A genuine social post can do a lot: it breaks down barriers to action and can encourage people you know who were unsure about striking to do so.  It spreads awareness about the climate crisis we face, and shows that everyone has a role to play and a future worth striking for.

Share your message on social media with the hashtag #ClimateStrike (or other hashtags in your country). Try tagging 3 or more people you know, and ask them to join. Go!