At the end of July, dozens of new resources were released on The website is now available in 6 languages (and counting!). Everything you need is there: the latest news, guides to plan events, a place to register your strike and more.

The Mayor’s on board

The French climate strikes organising effort got an endorsement from Paris’ mayor, Anne Hidalgo, shortly after Greta Thunberg addressed France’s national assembly:

Growing school strikes

School strikers in well over 100 countries continue to take action every Friday, despite many being on summer holidays, as part of the #FridaysforFuture movement.

In some places, such as Russia and Uganda, where a few brave individuals took the lonely first steps to launch their climate strike,  it appears the number of supporters is growing week on week.

And check out this HUGE line of youth strikes surrounding a whole block last Friday:

Why are we striking?

Thousands of strikers in cities and towns across the world voiced their support for September 20 and 27 strikes. Their reasons for striking were captured in this video:

And Kumi Naidoo the secretary general of Amnesty International and former head of Greenpeace, shared why he’s supporting the strike, and asked us all to get involved.

But remember – anyone can share their reasons for striking on social media. It’s a powerful means to reach those you know and love and get them involved. Here’s how to do it.

You can stay tuned on for the latest updates and by following #climatestrike on social media.  The momentum is really starting to build!

And in case you haven’t yet, take one minute to pledge your support for the global climate strike below:

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