Going on climate strike means people everywhere walking out of their homes, their offices, their farms, and their factories to demand action on the climate crisis.

It’ll take everyone to disrupt business as usual and secure a better future. We can all take part — whatever our circumstances — by refusing to accept the status quo.

Already, millions of people are hurting because of climate change. If we don’t act now to transition fairly and swiftly away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy access for all, the injustice of the climate crisis will only get worse.

We must act now.

20-27 September 2019

20-27 September 2019, a record 7.6 million people took to the streets to strike for climate action in the biggest climate mobilisation in history. From Jakarta to New York, Karachi to Amman, Berlin to Kampala, Istanbul to Québec, Guadalajara to Asunción, in big cities and small villages, millions of people joined hands and raised their voices in defense of the climate. The strikes showed that we have the people power we need to create a just world and end the era of fossil fuels.

What happens next is up to us. No matter where you live, there’s a way to take action.

Over 7.6 Million People

6135 Actions
185 Countries
73 Trade Unions
3024 Businesses
820 Organizations
8583 Websites

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Pacific Islands



Photo Highlights

Merida, Mexico.  Photo: Alejandra Prietodavo

Wellington, New Zealand.  Photo: Kieran Meredith

Ottawa, Canada.  Photo: Nhattan Nguyen

Chile.  Photo: Greenpeace Chile

Edmonton, Canada.  Photo: Abdul Malik

Edmonton, Canada.  Photo: Abdul Malik

Montréal, Canada.  Photo: Ulysse Lemerise

Kaolack, Senegal.  Photo: Xippil Xole

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Photo: Hong Hoang

Sydney, Australia.  Photo: Nilesh Pawar

New York City, United States.  Photo: Heather Craig / Survival Media Agency

Ilo-ilo City, Philippines.  Photo: Jimdel Ryu Mabaquiao / Nelson Cabalatungan

Tokyo, Japan.  Photo: Rodger Sono / Survival Media Agency

Vanuatu.  Photo: Dax Tahapath Kallunabeck

100,000 people marching in Melbourne, Australia.  Photo: Teagan Glenane / Survival Media Agency

San Francisco, USA.  Photo: Sunshine Velasco / Survival Media Agency

New York City, USA.  Photo: Sunshine Velasco / Survival Media Agency

Mexico City, Mexico.  Photo: Diego Rodríguez García / Survival Media Agency

Kyiv, Ukraine.  Photo: Victor Dyomin / Survival Media Agency

Berlin, Germany.  Photo: Ahmed Helwa

Jakarta, Indonesia.  Photo: Gilang Kharism

Klerksdorp, South Africa.  Photo: Brighton Phiri

Hamburg, Germany.  Photo: Fridays for Future